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Sexy Sunkissed Skin for your Wedding Day!

Sexy Sunkissed Skin for your Wedding Day!

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, right? YES! And for those of us who are not blessed with naturally bronzed and beautiful skin, let’s face it: we need a little help.  Spray tanning is fast, effective and so much safer than sunbathing or tanning beds. With the right application, you will look gorgeously bronzed and better yet…not orange! I met Molly Kister, Licensed Esthetician and owner of Sunkissed Spray Tans and let me just say, you will be hard pressed to find someone who is genuinely nicer than Molly! Not to mention, her skin is completely flawless. Flaw-less. You will seriously want to book a tanning session with her, or maybe grab lunch with her too, because she is so awesome! So, we asked Molly to give our Brides (and Grooms!) some information on what they can expect from a Sunkissed Spray Tan experience. Enjoy! ~Jill C.

THE BIG DAY is approaching! You find THE perfect dress yet at the fitting you really can’t tell a difference between the dress and your skin… It’s just a big, white, beautiful mess! Then someone suggests getting a spray tan! Your defense immediately goes up having heard HORROR stories about brides and spray tans but I am here to ease your mind and quiet your fears. ☺

It really boils down to TWO little words ladies. If you don’t pay attention to anything else you read here, please remember these words: TRIAL-RUN.
It’s true that we all have very different skin types/colors and that there is a lengthy list of DO’S/DONT’S for a positive spray tan experience but if you simply plan a trial run tan 4 weeks prior to the wedding then we will BOTH feel more confident in not only the success of the tan but your satisfaction! Literally, I’ve had ladies book online (who are brand new clients), show up and when I ask if the tan is for a special event/party, etc…they say excitedly, “Yes, I’m getting married tomorrow!”

My verbal response: “Oh Wow! That’s so wonderful! I’m excited for you!”
My mental response: “Oh goodness! I sure hope they read the instructions online!”
What actually happens: I send them to the shower with a towel and body wash because they haven’t showered since the morning and are sweaty from doing wedding errands all day! Sweat can alter the ph of the skin, which ultimately is what can cause you to look Snooki-ish… (FYI-They did not read the instructions…)

The thing is even if this scenario DOES happen I am prepared for you! I guarantee you will not be orange because I will send you to the shower and then spray ph balancing mist all over you. The main thing to remember is that turning orange is not as much about the tanning solution anymore but the ph of your skin. The biggest factor in the success of your tan is your willingness to be prepared. This means being freshly showered, exfoliated, shaven, etc… Follow this link for a complete list of Pre/Post Instructions to ensure you have a beautiful tan!
Tanning Instructions

For Brides, (nice ones anyway…☺) I have a special package. A single, full- body tan is normally $35 however for brides what I do is have you pay the $35 at your trial-run visit and then only $25 for your wedding tan. At the 2nd tan I also include a complimentary touch-up pen just in case of an emergency. (You know, like you are making lemonade that night and accidentally squeeze lemon juice all over your chest which results in little white dots! Yes, that’s a true story!) As long as you do your part and come prepared I guarantee I will do mine and make you look like the natural or bronze bride you desire to be! It will be a fabulous day and you will certainly be the Sunkissed Star!


To book an appointment with Molly, check out the Sunkissed website or call 843.696.5047


Lovely Sunkissed Bride on her wedding day looking fabulous after her spray tan! A lovely Sunkissed Bride on her wedding day looking fabulous after her spray tan!



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