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Long, Luscious Lashes to the XTREME!

Long, Luscious Lashes to the XTREME!

What girl doesn’t want long, luscious lashes?

I have always loved my natural lashes. I have been blessed with naturally long and full lashes, that with a few coats of mascara, make my eyes “pop” and turn ordinary into oh-so-flirty! However, having naturally Blonde lashes does have its downside: When you go sans mascara, you are constantly asked, “Are you feeling okay?” Sigh.

So, after lusting after Kim K style lashes (love her or hate her, you gotta admit, those lashes!) for quite awhile, I found the lovely and amazing Jill Powell, owner of Charleston Lash and Beauty Bar. She is an Xtreme Lashes Advanced Stylist and Certified Trainer and Makeup Artist.

After arriving for my first appointment, I was greeted by Jill with a beautiful smile in a great Salon. It is a chic, fun and relaxing location. I was very impressed with the thorough paperwork you are required to fill out. She has very detailed questions about potential allergies, sleeping positions, facial cleansers and moisturizers that will all impact the overall success and satisfaction of your Xtreme Lashes.

So, paperwork is completed and I am escorted into a very relaxing room where I lie down and get comfortable for the lashing process. Jill fully explains every step of the way and with expert and gentle precision, begins attaching the lashes. She is very easy to talk to and just as easy to like!

A bit of advice for a first time lasher: Make sure you eat something before you go to your appointment. It is a bit of a lengthy process (about 1 1/2 to 2 hours) and about halfway through my blood sugar tanked and I got a little lightheaded and had to take a break. But, after a few minutes we were back to lashing.

Now, I knew I would love the lashes, but I had NO IDEA I would become obsessed with them! When we finished and she showed me the lashes, I could not believe how gorgeous my eyes looked! There is really no need for mascara at all and you look completely glam. Jill went over post-care instructions, things to do and definitely not do to ensure the longest lasting lash experience. She gave me a sample of a great makeup remover which she has available in the Beauty Bar for sale.

When I got into my car, I have to admit, I stared at my lashes for what seemed like forever and I cannot begin to tell you about the compliments I have received! The best part of these lashes for me, is the fact that with just a small amount of mascara on the bottom lashes and a little eyeshadow, you are ready to go and look like you have spent a ton of time on your makeup!

If you want this completely GLAMOROUS look, please contact Jill Powell at Charleston Lash & Beauty Bar. I promise, you will thank me later!

Love & Lashes,

Jill C.


“Before” and “After” my Xtreme Lash experience

This is me with my Xtreme Lashes from Charleston Lash & Beauty Bar. Photo by Garden Hill Photography.

This is me with my Xtreme Lashes from Charleston Lash & Beauty Bar. Photo by Garden Hill Photography.

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