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Our Dedication to Your Wedding & Helpful Tips


I am dedicated to your wedding!

Your wedding means the world to you. Your wedding flowers, decor and coordination mean the world to me. I want to give you the most beautiful, stress-free day possible.

What does that mean to you? I will work tirelessly for your wedding. Most weekends I am happy and productive as I design your flowers, direct you down the aisle and mop up the shrimp & grits display an over zealous flower girl collided with! But, I will work when I am sick. And, I will work when I am missing family gatherings. I will also work on a holiday if it means doing what needs to be done to make your wedding all that I want it to be. Several years ago I was involved in a car accident that totaled my SUV and sent me to the hospital. I got out late that afternoon, worked through the night and beautifully executed  a wedding. The couple and family never even knew what happened! (I also missed my son’s high school graduation, but that’s a post for another day ;-(

How can you help me do the best job possible for you?

~Get your deposit in to book your date. We get a ton of inquiries and are creating multiple quotes. Additionally, we can not keep track of every inquiry and warn them if others are about to book their date. You are not a confirmed couple and your wedding does not go on the books till your deposit and contract are received.

~Keep up with your payments. After your deposit, 50% of the balance is due a month prior to your wedding and the remaining balance is due 3 days before. These payments help us purchase all the flowers and supplies we need for your wedding in a timely manner.

~Know what you want and make a commitment to it.  It is sometimes possible to add on last minute decor and other options, but it’s never guaranteed. Though we are always willing to work with changes, the best bet is to get everything included in your initial quote. When we touch base about a month before your wedding, we can reduce if necessary. I know it’s hard, but after we started to design your wedding details, try to stay off Pinterest!

~Trust us to care for your wedding and be patient of the process. We are working on your wedding even if you don’t know it. Countless hours are spent on answering emails, generating quotes, ordering flowers and supplies, working on time-lines and floor-plans, collaborating with your vendors and more. All of this before your wedding day has even arrived. We may not be able to answer every inquiry right away but we promise we are committed to you and your wedding. We are pretty awesome at what we do. Relax and let us do it! :-)


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